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A Checklist for Purchasing High-Quality CBD

March 29, 2020

Since CBD oil is becoming more and more mainstream, it’s only logical to come up with a comprehensive checklist for purchasing CBD oil for the first time or simply aren’t too sure what to look for in CBD products. There are many factors that could determine the quality, potency, and purity of a particular product, but you ought to know how to recognize them or you may end up purchasing CBD that is of subpar quality.

Take a moment to check out our CBD purchasing guide, and you’ll likely have a much better insight into the do’s and dont’s by the time you finish reading. It’s important to pay attention to a few crucial things because it will not only save you money, but it will also give you an idea of how CBD quality should be gauged, allowing you to choose a product that meets your needs and expectations. Not all CBD is the same… and we hope that this checklist for purchasing CBD might help you.

What to Look for in High-Quality CBD

If you’re looking to buy the best quality CBD, make sure to take into account the following in your checklist for purchasing CBD: 

  • Where Is the Hemp Sourced From? 

The first course of action when researching a particular company is to determine whether they are growing their own plants or buying them from other sources. On top of that, in the case of the latter, are they sourcing plants from trustworthy and reputable sources?

Hemp is a rather unique and tricky crop, mainly because of the process called phytoremediation, which is the ability to pull toxins through the roots and clean the soil that way. This is one of the crucial reasons why it’s important for CBD companies to have high-quality control standards, and make sure they are sourcing plants grown in clean and toxin-free soil.

At Peak City CBD, we grow the hemp locally and organically. The entire process is under our control from the farm to the bottle, so there are ZERO worries about quality with our products. We are fortunate in this respect and do not have to worry about the task of evaluating and purchasing often inferior hemp since we have control over our own high-quality hemp biomass. If you are purchasing CBD from Peak City CBD, you can rest assured it is premium quality and the best it can possibly be.

Where Is the Hemp Sourced From 

  • Broad Spectrum vs. Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Since we’re talking about quality, it is only fair to mention the never-ending battle between broad and full-spectrum products. You could learn more about these in a previous blog. Now, this does not mean that one is orders of magnitude better than the other since there are many other factors involved, but for the sake of keeping it as simple as possible, we are going to focus solely on the highest quality CBD.

With that being said, if you’re looking for super-high quality, the answer lies in the full spectrum products. Full-spectrum products contain all the benefits of the hemp plant, including all the flavonoids and cannabinoids, and in the case of Peak City CBD – all the terpenes. Because of this full-spectrum CBD can induce the so-called Entourage Effect, which is arguably what you want from any CBD product. Of course, this is an extremely simplified explanation, but for the sake of staying on the subject – go with full-spectrum products to take the most advantage of the Entourage Effect.

  • The Concept of Bioavailability 

If you’ve been diligently researching CBD, you have probably already stumbled upon the concept of bioavailability. CBD products that are formulated to have high bioavailability are great because bioavailability improves absorption and prevents nutrients from getting lost in the process of digestion. Peak City CBD full spectrum CBD can be highly bioavailable. One of the best ways to take advantage of CBD and have high bioavailability is to take an oil under the tongue for about 60 seconds (then swallow it). The very small blood vessels under your tongue will highly absorb the cannabinoids.

  • Be Wary of Additives  

This does not mean you should disregard every product that contains additives, but you are supposed to keep in mind that additives don’t really enhance the potency or quality of a particular CBD product. For example, many companies add artificial flavors to their CBD batches. There’s nothing wrong with adding flavor, but make sure you’re buying a product that contains all-natural flavors and organic flavors. At Peak City CBD, we offer a few different oil flavors, and all of them are totally organic in nature – so they are good and safe, and they taste good! (peppermint CBD oil is a favorite!)

Since CBD oil should be an all-natural product in and of itself, it’s arguably better to opt for products that contain as little additives as possible.

  • The Packaging Matters 

While it may sound somewhat trivial, the packaging is actually as crucial as sourcing and extraction. Many companies invest ample resources into their CBD containers in order to preserve the quality and potency of their product. As soon as hemp is picked, it starts disintegrating and slowly losing its properties.

You should aim for glass containers over plastic for multiple reasons. Glass does not hold onto moisture since it’s impermeable. On top of that, amber glass containers are known as the best solution since they protect against UV rays, which tend to shorten the shelf life of CBD oil. At Peak City CBD, we use the highest quality American made amber glass bottles and graduated droppers for our oils.

  • Research the Company

This should probably be a given, but many people fail to realize the importance of actually investing some time and effort in researching a particular company. As we’ve mentioned, the first thing you should look for is their cultivating practices. Are they growing their own hemp? Are they sourcing it? Is the source reputable?

After that, you should probably read a couple of reviews and testimonials of their clients, since it’s usually the best way to get a real picture as far as the quality of the company in question.

It’s quite challenging sometimes to invest hours in reading walls of text, but it’s something that’s necessary since it will potentially save you money, and more importantly – it should be a solid strategy for finding good companies. And, it’s a one-time thing because once you find a trustworthy company, chances are you’ll stick with them throughout your CBD career.

The market is becoming more and more saturated each day, and there are more and more cash-grabbing companies emerging on the surface. So, don’t hesitate to be as diligent as possible with your research or else you may end up disappointed.

You can learn a lot about Peak City CBD in the About Us area, and we also love to chat about CBD.

Research the Company

  • Third-Party Testing

This is, possibly, the best way to determine both the honesty of a particular company and the quality of their products. Third-party testing is pivotal when choosing CBD products because it gives you an unbiased insight into the company’s methods and practices. There is no purpose for third-party companies to lie about the ingredients or the formula. Since the FDA is not as rigorous in testing CBD oil (yet), finding a company that includes third-party testing entities can be considered a win. By the same token, we strongly recommend avoiding companies that don’t test their products this way. At Peak City CBD, we test 3rd party and also test in-house. So, we double up on the testing efforts to ensure product quality and performance. Be sure to add this to your checklist for purchasing CBD.

  • The Price

High-quality CBD oil is usually a pricey commodity, mostly because the processes included in the making of quality CBD are expensive. Therefore, if you’re looking to treat yourself with a batch of premium quality CBD oil – get ready to flex your wallet a little. More importantly, DON’T buy suspiciously cheap CBD oil or products whose price deviates vastly in comparison to the same product from other companies. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Beware of gas station CBD oils!

If you would like to know more about CBD oil, edibles, and other CBD-infused products, don’t hesitate to read our other articles! If you’re looking to purchase high-quality CBD from a reputable source, take a look at our offers! We hope that this checklist for purchasing CBD has been a little help for you — please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.

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