How long to see results from CBD?

August 19, 2019

We get the question sometimes, “How long will it take CBD to work?“.

It is indeed a great question.  The answer is a little more complicated of course!

Here is the short story on how long for CBD to work:

  • CBD effects people differently.  Just like it might take one cup of coffee to gear up a person for the day, another person might need 12 cups to get fired up.
  • How it will affect you is hard to know until you try it!
  • We’ve been told our CBD can help some people immediately – for example with an ache or a pain using our Spring Shower cream (I can attest to this personally).  Or, a headache where someone might take some of our oil.
  • We’ve also been told that it took a few weeks of taking the oil to buildup in a person’s system to have an affect and help alleviate an issue.
  • What we suggest is start low and slow.  Take a small dosage at first and see what happens.  Progressively increase the dosage over a week’s time. How much you take will also determine how long it will take for CBD to work.
  • And, give it at least a month of regular use before you decide whether CBD is for you or not!

So, while the answer to the question of, how long will it take CBD to work, is a complicated one – we are trying our best to help you. Give it time is the answer!…

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