CBD Topical Cream

Peak City CBD Topical Cream is made from extracting CBD-rich hemp oil from the best North Carolina source, and infusing it into superior lotions.  The CBD is absorbed through the skin to target localized areas.  Our lotions contain 750mg of CBD for maximum benefit. You won’t regret purchasing our CBD cream for sale.

We offer two varieties of lotion:  Spring Shower, which is lighter and fresh smelling.  It’s organic, easy on the skin and good for rejuvenation, moisturizing, and the benefits of localized CBD on the body for aches and pains.  We also offer Woodland, which is a slightly thicker cream and made from >70% organic components.  It’s a bit thicker than the Spring Shower, and has a more earthy fragrance to it. Woodland is also more ideal for skin that needs some heavy duty moisturizing.  Both of the creams come in 2 oz. amber jars and are ready for action.

CBD Cream: Why Use it?

Part of what makes CBD so popular and convenient, is that it comes in a variety of forms to be used for different reasons. CBD creams for example, may be more suitable to target specific areas of the body. Peak City CBD cream for sale is the best CBD cream on the market! Just take a look at our reviews!

It is important to note that our CBD creams are not intended to cure pain or ailments, but as many have found CBD can help with certain ailments. Please be sure to check out our CBD creams and topical lotions for sale!

Why buy Peak City CBD creams online?

What makes Peak City CBD the best CBD cream for sale online, is that our CBD products go through extensive quality control and come with guaranteed purity and potency. Buying our creams online is easy, fast, and most importantly – safe.

Proper Use of CBD Cream

Contrary to popular misconceptions, using CBD-infused products is easy and straightforward. Apply the cream to the affected area on your skin, follow the dosage instructions, and that’s it! There is no such thing as an overdose of CBD cream.

Peak City CBD creams are in no way intended to be a cure for pain, but CBD has shown relieve aches and pains for many people. We suggest you give it a try!

Our Peak City CBD creams may assist with pain relief, including joint pain. However, every individual reacts differently, so experiences may vary.

Most people use Peak City CBD creams to try and alleviate the symptoms of inflammation, pain, and sometimes skin dehydration.

Our CBD products are 3rd-party tested, and we source plants that are grown in highly controlled conditions. Therefore, our CBD Creams come with guaranteed potency, purity, and consistency. Furthermore, CO2 extraction is known to produce the best quality CBD products available, and this is how Peak City CBD does it! Check out the Testimonials page on our website for more information and real life stories.

It depends on what you are using it for. Everyone reacts differently to different CBD dosages, meaning you’ll have to find the sweet spot for yourself. On the other hand, it’s best to start with a smaller dosage and work your way up as needed. We sell our lotions in 2oz jars, and this goes a LONG way. You do not need to use much of the lotion to have an effect.

Most people use CBD topicals as an alternative to traditional creams and balms. Some commonly used traditional creams and balms come with a set of uncomfortable side-effects, whereas most CBD topicals are known to have minimal side-effects, if any. And, of course, you are all along reaping the benefits of CBD.

Our topical creams are 3rd-party tested and made from plants grown in highly controlled environments. This ensures quality, potency, and high purity. Buying our creams online is easy, fast, and safe. 

Essentially, it’s no different than any other cream on the market. All you have to do is apply it to the affected area on your skin and enjoy!

The most important thing you should keep in the back of your mind is – realistic expectations. Don’t set your expectations too high, especially if it’s your first time using CBD-infused products. On the other hand, you may expect a certain dose of relief if you’re using topicals to assist with symptoms of  pain relief, it will moisturize your skin, and may help alleviate some other issues tied to chronic pain, inflammation, and irritation.

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