CBD Roller Ball

The Roller CBD is small and compact, the size of a lip balm, and fits in a purse or pocket. Used topically for aches, pains, bug bites, and more!  150mg CBD in each container.

Why Peak City CBD Oil Roller?

Our roller is compact, small, and can be used discreetly. It fits in your pocket or purse and is used topically. If you’re looking for a high-quality CBD-infused topical, our oil roller is the way to go!. 

 As a topical, CBD oil rollers may be used to assist with symptoms for pain, bug bites, and aches. It can even be refilled with our 1000mg CBD oil once it’s empty. 

CBD Roll-on is a topical CBD-infused product, meaning it is supposed to be used externally. Furthermore, it contains full-spectrum CBD oil, 150mg strength in a 5ml container. It is believed to alleviate some of the issues tied to pain and inflammation. 

CBD soothing serum is meant to soothe and relieve discomfort almost immediately. Massage a small amount of CBD soothing serum directly onto areas where soothing is needed. 

 In some cases, a CBD roller may help mitigate symptoms related to pain and muscle aches. However, there is no guarantee to cure or eliminate the pain completely. You might also want to try Peak City CBD creams that have 750mg of CBD in them!

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