Talkin’ bout Terpenes: Part 1 in the series – Introduction

July 14, 2019

Terpenes?  Who’s heard of them? Entourage Effect, what’s that?

Probably more people in the last year than ever before because of the prominence of CBD!

Terpenes are compounds that are found in nature. They are called phytocompounds, which basically means they are compounds that are found in plants and trees.  They are also hydrocarbons, which means they are organic compounds made from carbons and hydrogens.  In this case made from groups of 5 carbon chains (isoprene units) put together to make larger chains.

Terpenes are often associated in our daily life with essential oils and some of the great smelling things that we find in nature.  The aromatic smells of terpenes are found in things like that awesome pine fresh smell (the terpene is called pinene) 🌲 , that lemon smell (the terpene is called limonene) 🍋, that minty fresh taste and smell from eucalyptol 🌳, and even that nice hoppy smell of a good brew 🍻.  Terpenes actually exist all around us, and you’ve enjoyed the smell of them since you were a kid.  Flashback to those Fall days where you were jumping in leaf piles and doing cool stuff like that.  Crushed leaves have some great smelling terpenes in them that bring us back to those times. Amazing how a scent can do that, right?

So, why are we here?  Because terpenes are a key component in Peak City CBD full spectrum CBD products.  Terpenes play a great and beneficial role, more than just a nice smell.  There are about 100 terpenes in the hemp plant. Each terpene has a special effect.  For example, some terpenes can mostly help with sleep and relaxation, while other terpenes can have an effect on the body of wakening and alertness. Terpenes are sensitive and volatile, they have to handled carefully so that they can remain in the plant and end products. With the special and careful way that Peak City CBD extracts CBD from hemp, we can also gather the delicate and delicious terpenes that come along with the CBD.  These terpenes, when combined with the CBD, create what is commonly known as the Entourage Effect.  The Entourage Effect is how the terpenes work in conjunction in the body with the CBD to affect health and wellness (this is the synergy between terps and CBD).  A sometimes used analogy is this: CBD might be the driver of the bus, but the terpenes are the VIP passengers 🚌 .  You can learn more about the Entourage Effect in one of our upcoming posts.  For now, let’s talk terps.

Some of the best terpenes are found in Peak City CBD products.  Here are some of the ones that we are going to dig in on:








In PART TWO of Talkin’ bout Terpenes, we are going to explore the common terpenes listed above in more detail.  We’ll explain a bit about them, what they do and give you a little more history on terpenes.

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